Family and gadget addict

A few time ago, i watched an oprah show on my tv. At the time, oprah discuss about one family who got a challenge to live for one week without experiment such as tv, iphone, video game, mobile phonel, ipod, etc. Family, who got challange from oprah, faced a difficult time for a while. Because they usually spent their time with all the gadget, and when it was taken from them, they didn’t know what was they must to do. whereas they can spent their time together. But after a few day later, they can do the challange very well. They spend their time to talk everything their do in a day, play together, go picnic, etc. As the result of this activity, they feel so fun, happy, and no barrier among them. Because they had shared everything which make them know each other very well .

Before they get the challange, they just a family which each people inside has their own activity. So they haven’t time to talk and spend their time together. But now, they became a new family which has a good relationship among them.

Based on this story, we can see the difference  between a family who was controlled by a gadget or a family who can control gadget. when gadget can not control them, they can spend their time together. if they spent their time together, they could make a good self of belonging among them. And then, with this self of belonging, they will be a great family, which has a good communication among them.

So which one do you prefer?? Gadget control your family or Your family control gadget?? 🙂

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