Mom is always the best part of our life

Lately, i have a tought in my mind. I always remember about a story that my friend share on facebook. That story tells about how people in Indonesia still getting “support” from their parents although their quite wise when we use age as indicator.

For example, when they graduate from collage, usually parents will support their kids in financial till they get a job (its oke in my opinion). When they got a job (with a small salary), their parents still supporting them. It’s also happen when they got married and havent’ money to buy a house for their new family, usually their parents will buy a new house for them.

I know its seems lebay. Hehe.. But it is not. It is actually happen in Indonesia. It’s quite different with western culture which people must independent when they at 17 years old.

That story, remind me to what happen to me this morning. My mom send me a message. She ask me about my shoe size. After a few conversation, I know that she wants buy that shoe for me. She thinks that it must be good for me to use it when i do my job. But, honestly i know the real reason why she buy that shoe to me.

Suddenly, my heart is melting. Mom, i really dont know how to reward your kindness. I love you so much mom. Hopefully, i can give that ticket to you next year.

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